Commercial Energy Storage Batteries

IESS-Cube 100

IESS-Cube 358.4V is a newly designed battery system with 0.5C charging rate, portable inverter, Protection grade IP54,with a 3-level fire protection system,integrated FAN and air conditioning provide better temperature control,thus ensuring the safe operation of the entire battery system.

Technical Specifications

Safe and reliable

High-performance  battery  core,Cycle life >6000 times;built-in IP54 protection,high-precision leakage protection;two-stage eliminate safety hazards in time.

All-in-one design

180V-1000V ultra-wide PV voltage input,integrating PV&energy storage system;small  footprint,IP54 protection level,easy to cope with outdoor installation environment.

Practical and convenient

Modular design supports parallel connection of multiple machines,and the power capacity can be expanded;the off-grid inverter has an external plug-in design,making installation and maintenance more convenient.

Smart and friendly

Intelligent monitoring supports remote&local USB upgrades;supports multiple application scenarios such as spontaneous self-use,peak and valley arbitrage,and backup power supply.

MODEL iESS-Cube 100
Battery Data
Battery type LiFePO4
Battery Cell capacity 3.2V/280Ah
Battery Cell combination 1P112S
Nominal capacity 100.35kWh
Rated voltage 358.4V
Voltage rage DC 280-408.8V
Max charge/discharge current Rated 0.5C
DOD 95%
Cooling method Fan Cooling
AC Output  
AC side rated power 50kW
Maximum apparent power on AC side 50kVA
Current total harmonic distortion rate <3%
DC component <0.5%
AC side rated voltage AC380/400V
Allowable grid voltage range 320V-460V
Communication access method 3P+N+PE
Rated grid frequenc 50/60Hz
Power factor range 1(lead)~1(lag)
System Data
Dimensions(WxDxH) 1550*1280*1812mm
Weight 1.5t
Protection grade lp54
Anti-corrosion grade C4
Operating temperature 30℃~50℃
Relative humidity <100%
Temperature control Industrial grade temperature controlled air conditioner
Fire protection Aerosol
Altitude <3000m
PCS cooling method Temperature controlled forced air cooling
Communication protocol MODBUS /Rs485
Communication interface RJ45

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