Commercial Energy Storage Batteries

iRack-HVS 25

Introducing our 256V 100AH High Voltage Stackable Lithium Battery, boasting a robust 25.6KWh capacity and enduring 6000 cycles. Ideal for various settings including villas, hotels, and factories, it offers reliable energy storage solutions tailored to meet diverse needs.

Technical Specifications

IRack-HVS 256V 100AH Stackable Energy Storage Battery

High Quality Battery Cell

Long cycle life:More than 6000 cycles @80%DOD:
Passed International Certifications:IEC 62619;UL 1973,UL9540A,UN 38.3,GB/T36276,
Meet the most stringent cell intrinsic safety requirements.

Integrated  production

More than 20 complete control processes
More than 100 MES data points
More than 500 quality control points
All data upload to the cloud for long-term traceability.

Modular Design

Avoid short circuit,flexible buffering between cells,overal elastic restraint to reduce the influence of cell expansion; Air duct between cells effectively control heat accumulation&avoid thermal runaway.

Rigorous Tests

Passed 28 safety & reliability tests, 500 performance testing

Thermal Management Svstem

Perfect thermal management technology through simulation and actual testing, to control the temperature rise in the battery system to <5°C

Operation Guarantee

Two-stage battery safety management system
Full coverage of key sampling points to build a complete loT
Real-time monitoring feedback, fault diagnosis and warnings
Triple protection, blocking risk spread

Models iRack-HVS 25 iRack-HVS 40 iRack-HVS 60
Total Energy 25.6kWh 40.96kWh 61.44kWh
Number of Modules 5 8 12
Configuration 1P80S 1P128S 1P192S
Nominal Capacity 100Ah 100Ah 100Ah
Nominal Voltage 256V 409.6V 614.4V
Operating Voltage Range 224Vdc~288Vdc 358.4Vdc~460.8Vdc 537.6Vdc~691.2Vdc
Battery Max Continuous Charge/Discharge Power 12.8kW 20.48kW 30.72kW
Dimension [W x D x H] 550*650*1100mm 580*650*1590mm 580*650*2155mm
Net Weight 277kg 392kg 564kg
Max. Charge Current 50A
Max. Discharge Current 50A
Communication CAN,RS485,LAN
Enclosure Protection Rating IP20
Altitude ≤2000m
Installation Indoor
Charging Temp Range  0℃~55℃
Discharging Temp Range  -10℃~55℃
Working Humidity 5%~95%
Cycle Life >6,000 Cycle@ 80% DOD / 25℃ / 0.5C, 60%EOL
Communicated Inverter GOODWE / Deye / MEGAREVO /SOFAR
Certification IEC62619,UL1973,UN38.3,CE

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